Tim Ferriss Personal Branding

Tim Ferriss Personal Branding

|12:20 am

One of the experts on workplace business practices that we adore, Tim Ferriss, wrote a book called The 4-Hour Work Week. He also runs a blog, and in that blog he advises people with an online presence to get Google insurance. That’s not a physical insurance policy, but it simply means making sure that your name is protected on Google’s search engines.
He advises starting with buying up the URLs that contain your name and variants thereof. He says you should also think about starting up a blog and try to get ownership over the first five search results with your name in them. Not everyone can be a blogger and do well at it, but using something like WordPress or TypePad can allow them to keep an online journal that they can update from time to time. It may take some work, but it is definitely worth the investment you will have to put into it.
You can use a publishing platform like those mentioned here to get your name out and take control over your identity online. You can establish yourself and have defences up for when online attacks to your reputation occur. You may even find that once you start blogging and writing a journal that you enjoy it and that you can take it much further than these simple steps.
Ferriss has a lot of great information on his blog, and it is worth checking out for any business owner.


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