Elite Reputation Management

We provide cutting edge technology and a skilled team to give you the very best in reputation management for those times when a precise touch is required.
Not every issue can be handled by a pre-built strategy. Sometimes, a custom solution is necessary, and we will tailor our efforts to meet your needs. Our elite reputation management services can handle even the toughest cases.Our elite services are designed to help people who have public personas. It is equally valuable for people who want to stay out of the limelight and avoid negative press. Our reputation management team is highly skilled and uses the latest in reputation management technology to assist you in achieving your goals.

You enjoy long-term benefits and a comprehensive service. We will coordinate to address your needs and change up our strategy as the situation dictates. We understand that your problems could become worse while we are developing a strategy to help you, and we can adapt to changing situations and tailor the solution to fit your needs.

Our specialties include working to counter the following types of bad press and negative situations:

  • Personal attacks and threats
  • Public relations problems
  • Attacks coming from top sites
  • Negative search suggestions
  • Negative articles with high pageviews
The negative results will be replaced with ones that offer a better representation of who you are.

Why You May Need Our Elite Services

Our reputation management system is designed to be flexible and work as quickly and efficiently as possible at restoring and maintaining your reputation.

Our expertise in the industry is unparalleled, and our elite services are overseen by highly trained and experienced personnel with a track record of success. You will be working with the same group of experts from beginning to end, so you can rest easy knowing that people who know your situation intimately are taking care of it for you.

You can also enjoy the benefit of cutting edge technology that is constantly updated to reflect changing search engine algorithms and real world trends. We use tools and resources that no one else can access to give you an edge over negative reviews and attacks.

Our range of reputation management solutions include the following:

  • Search Results– We ensure that positive results are pushed to the top while negative ones are forced under.

  • Consulting– We work with you to identify your web properties and ensure they are giving you the most value during times when your reputation is on the line.

  • Video and Images– We make sure that positive and truthful media is taking the top spots on search engines.

  • Regular Reports– We will analyse the situation regularly and report to you on our progress.

  • Privacy Safeguards– We keep your private information private. You tell us what kind of information you don’t want the public accessing, and we will work to remove it from the internet.

  • Content Publishing– Our team will create an array of content that is strategically released in order to provide the most effective results.

A Guide for Reputation Management
A Guide for Reputation Management

The Reputation Management Process

Here is what we do to influence your search results.

Managing your online reputation requires two steps.
The first one is that we create a presence for you online. During this step, we publish a number of materials that we think will benefit you and your reputation.  We may publish content to social media or third party sites. We may create or simply update personal websites for you. We may also publish various forms of media that we think will help, such as videos or photos. We can also publish press releases and make this content very visible for the general public.  Most people don’t go past the first page of search results when they look for something online. Only a fraction of them go past that first page, and around 1% go past the second page.
Our goal is to try to push negative or misleading results down to at least the second page. This is the second step. Much of the work we do is not publishing but working to change the rankings of certain material online. We try to push irrelevant and outdated content down and out of sight.

The Tenants of Reputation Management
There are some basic rules for reputation management. You will want to bear these in mind as we perform our services for you or you try to make a decision as to whether you need our services.
Validity and lifespan of content matters. The sites that rank well tend to be considered more valid and tend to get more views. Sites that are of high quality rank well too. Sites that have been around for a while tend to carry some weight that helps their rankings. This is why it is so important to start reputation management as early as possible. Prevention is better than damage control. If you are having problems with your online reputation, then it is probably because you allowed other people to control the conversation about you. By getting some strong content out there and building up a defensive wall, you can ward off a lot of that negative press. If you pre-empt poor reviews and misleading results, you can make it very hard for them to gain a foothold.  Don’t visit sites with negative content. You want to try as hard as possible to stay away from defamatory sites. If you are sending traffic to these sites, you can increase their perceived validity.
We can delete nothing. Unless we were to engage in some illegal hacking, we could not remove any content from other people’s sites. It’s important to keep this in mind and understand that our job isn’t about getting rid of content but about overcoming bad content with a positive reputation. Asking people to take down content is often a waste of time. It’s incredibly rare for any site to respond to a takedown request in the way you would like. The website isn’t usually required by law to obey these requests. If they do take it down, it can often be republished elsewhere. Quality and variety matters. A solid plan for managing your reputation will involve creating content that is varied and of incredibly high quality. It also needs to be published across multiple sites. If there is more than one person telling the same story, then the search engines and people are going to believe that story. Don’t try to take shortcuts. There are many faulty ways people attempt to manage their reputations. One of these is to post similar or completely identical information on multiple poor quality sites. This not only looks duplicitous, but search engines will see it and penalize you for it. All your effort will be wasted.

The First Step in Managing Your Reputation
You can get your reputation on the right track in a few ways. You want to be sure the basic reputation management practices are being covered. One of the key ways is to get your profile established on various social media sites- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You also want to claim any pages that have your business or personal information on them that were created without your knowledge. These will often appear on sites like Google+ and PeekYou. We can help you locate and update these with accurate information. You also want to promote yourself through message boards and Q & A sites where you can provide expert information and answer questions regarding you and your business.
Keep updating as well. Just because one of your blog entries doesn’t track well doesn’t mean the next one won’t. This stuff takes a lot of effort, if you are going to build a strong reputation. Keep looking for changes and negative content. Check on how your efforts are making a difference and where the positive content is ranking. You can also leave a digital trail with online activities, such as online gaming sites and other places that require an account. You can share your hobbies on sites like Flickr and DeviantArt as well. Be sure to use your own name when you create an account somewhere. That helps to establish you and get your name out there in a positive way.

The Situation: An executive team made mistakes that still haunt them, creating problematic search results and ensuring consumers see content that is outdated and untrue. The news media continues to recycle old news that is harmful to the client, often to the detriment of covering more recent successes. Bloggers continue the hostile trend and exacerbate the situation.

Our Strategy: We work with powerful search tools to force out the old, irrelevant information into the lower pages of the search results. Then we create and promote new truthful and relevant content that helps put the client in a positive light. Our SEO work ensures that the news media will begin to pick up on the more positive side of our client and their work.

The Situation: An old flame has a problem with our client and tries to promote false information that makes the client look bad. A number of posts depicting doctored, crude photos are released, and these are picked up by the news media and bloggers. The client’s family begins to receive threats and the client’s business starts to falter.

Our Strategy: We monitor the Deep Web to identify and eliminate private information that pertains to the client’s family. This limits the access internet users can have to them. We also suppress the photos that have been doctored and prevent the flow of negative press. Our team works to release new information that helps to change the flow of online chatter to better reflect the truth of the matter.

What is Online Reputation Management?