The Fortune 500 Reputation Management Methods

The Fortune 500 Reputation Management Methods

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The Internet brings together much of the world in new and exciting ways each day. Larger companies have learned that they need to be a part of those connections if they are to thrive, and a big part of staying afloat on the internet is to manage their reputations.
While large businesses and small ones are different in many ways, the methods they use to maintain their reputations can be used by companies of any size. No matter what size your business is, you can use these techniques to safeguard your reputation online.
These seven methods will lead to a good reputation online.
From the smallest business to the largest, every company is making the move to the online space. As you navigate this new landscape, you have to make sure that your reputation is being upheld.
We want to offer you the very best reputation management techniques used by the biggest companies in the world. We have looked at the inner workings of some Fortune 500 companies and brought their successful techniques here for you to make use of.
Have a Proactive Stance
The best way to keep your reputation looking good online is not to react to problems but to be proactive and have defences ready for when problems arise. This starts by knowing about any negative comments being made about your business through Google, website forums, blog posts and more. That way, you won’t have to catch up when something bad happens.
Be Innovative
Any company should desire to be at the top of their field. What many companies have done is not only create great products that people will want but also built up hype around them so that everyone wants them.
If you can make your product seem prestigious or desirable, then you can appear to be a leader in your industry. People will start looking for you and your products instead of you having to look for customers.
Be transparent in your dealings and practices.
Google makes sure that all its business relations are very transparent. Some of its mobile vehicles broke the law by mistake when they took people’s personal information from Wi-Fi networks that hadn’t been secured. When it happened, Google owned up to the error and handled it swiftly.
If you want to keep your reputation spotless, then you should be transparent about your business and publicly disclose what you are doing in both good and bad situations.
Have a global mindset.
The public should be able to perceive you as more than just a local business. They need to see you as a global force to be reckoned with, and you can change their perceptions without ever increasing your company’s size. Simply being able to handle international orders can go a long way toward making your business seem invested in the global market. If more of the world learns about your services and is able to partake of them, it is only going to help you.
Show that you can be charitable.
We turn to Microsoft for how to use charity work to alter the way the public perceives you. The company was known as a money-hungry corporation back in the ‘90s, but that started to change with the establishment of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Now, the company is seen in an entirely new light.
You can do the same thing, but you don’t have to go as big. Even small donations made public can help your company and change the way the public looks at you.
Show your customers that you care about them.
You should make a habit of putting customers before profits. One example of a large company doing just that is the Walt Disney Company.
They make sure that their customers are satisfied with not only their services but also their presentation and the usability of their websites. You can show your customers that you care by making your website secure and by making it simple to use and understand. It also helps to reward your customers through sales and promotions.
Know how to have fun.
It’s not always easy to tell why some companies manage to succeed and others fall flat. The most successful companies are able to associate their brand with a feeling or a mood. Coca-Cola has been doing that for decades, showing its customers that it is all about a mindset and a sense of fun.
You need to make sure the public associates your product and services with good feelings. That’s going to help your sales and your online reputation. This even applies to companies that provide less than appealing services, such as pest control or dentists.
Any company can benefit from a good reputation. If you implement the techniques we have shown you here, then you can improve your reputation and the public perception of your company. It won’t happen overnight, but your effort will pay off.


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