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Our process forces the bad results down and pushes up the good results. Once we get your negative results relegated to the second page of search results, they are relatively safe. That’s because most people never go to that second page when searching for information.
We do this partly by creating new, valuable and positive content about you. We use SEO measures to make sure this content achieves the top search result rankings. Once that positive material starts to go up the ranks, the negative material has to go down and become less visible.

If we were to do that, it would require us to use illegal means, such as hacking, so no, that’s not possible. We can sometimes remove this content legally, but it is a time-consuming process, and there is no guarantee that it will work. The best way to deal with negative content and reviews is to push it down the results pages.

We can create content that is designed to your specifications and made specifically for your situation. All of it is positive and professional. We begin with some biographical information and then move on to blog posts, articles and supplementary content that is going to help your public image. You can review everything we write before we publish it.

You could have done it yourself in the past, but that’s far more difficult now. Even prolific writers with plenty of spare time are going to need professional assistance. Our strategy demands that we publish materials through certain channels and at certain times to maximum results, and that’s not something that just anybody can figure out. Through extensive experience and research, we have found the best strategy for publishing content to give our clients the best results.

The cost varies from customer to customer, because everyone need something a bit different. We tailor our services to your needs, so after an initial consultation, we will have a better idea of how much work we will have to put in to getting your reputation back on track.

There may be times where we have to decline a case, and these usually are cases where our intervention would require us to keep important information away from the public that it needs to be able to access. Some instances where this might occur could include criminal cases, cases where there are court proceedings going on, instances of violent or sexual crimes and fraud cases.

The people-search sites and data brokers are not going to stop adding your information to their sites once we remove it. Once they get wind of a new bit of info that’s slightly different from the last bit they collected and removed, they will add it to their sites. Our work has to start again then. We need to continuously monitor your privacy in order to effectively keep you safe.

We have a few different privacy services available. Our most basic one is entirely automated, and it does a good job of getting rid of the most obvious security breaches. The more comprehensive security protection has that same automated service but also includes manual oversight and protection for better security.

If we are going to remove your personal and private information, then we have to know what to search for. We keep all your information confidential, so there is no chance of it leaking out and getting back online. Only those who need to see your data have any access to it, and you can trust us to provide you with the very best security at all times for your private information.

Your financial information is not necessary for our services to be effective. We can monitor your credit, if you wish, but that’s optional. We can still protect your privacy without this information. If you do ask for credit reporting, then we will safeguard your financial information with military-grade security measures.

There are a number of ways that people-search sites and other online sources will gather information. They may peruse public records, scan social media profiles, obtain mailing lists or look up customer surveys.

Our free scan gives you resources to find your information scattered across the internet. We provide that information by searching on people-search websites, using an algorithm to seek out pages with your name on them and looking for search results that offer negative or positive results.
We offer this monitoring tool free of charge, but it won’t alter your information online in any way. It just lets you know some of what’s out there and lets you get a better handle on the situation.

We have been working in the reputation management business for years, especially in the online space. We have built a reputation of our own- one that is based on our ability to provide effective and satisfactory results for our clients.

For some databases that have your information, they will require that an ID image be submitted before taking down your information. We only give them the required information and nothing more, so your private information can be removed and protected.

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